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The Ace of Chase cutout_edited.png

The Ace of Chase 

Albums: Jestawomang (2023) 

Likes: Perique, Wit, Raccoons 

Dislikes: ID 

Alissa Orange
AO cutout_edited.png

Alissa Orange 


Alissa Orange (2021) 

Likes: Health, Mystery Novels 

Dislikes: Politics 

AIEdit_B&W 7_3qfw_edited.png

Atlas Is Alice-Lillenger 


ꓘ (2023) 

Likes: String Theory, The Joke, Witches 

Dislikes: Pig's Blood 


Big Boy, New Cat. Records 


Big Boy, New Cat. Records (2023) 

Likes: Movies, Ganja, Surfing 

Dislikes: Crybabies 

Big Smoke Cutout_edited_edited_edited_ed

Big Smoke, lil Skeez, DEW, Sno Bunni 


El Santo De Gangster -  Volume II (2021) 

Likes: Chopped Cheese, Mein China, New York 

Dislikes: Homeless 

Blue Jays

Blue Jays 


Green House (2021) 

Covers the Taste (2023) 

Likes: Pranks, Games, Hoedowns 

Dislikes: The Perfect Trip 

The Boston Society of the Temple of Psychick Youth

The Boston Society of the Temple of  Psychick Youth 


The Boston Society of the Temple of Psychick Youth (2021) 

Summer O' Sahr (2023) 

Likes: Chaos, Chance, Improv 

Dislikes: Tradition 

Caleb Mars Hickman

Caleb Mars 


Psycho Classical (2017) 

The Magic Eye (2020) 

Likes: Chess, Comix, Mooing 

Dislikes: Authority 

The Colours

The Colours 


The Colours (2021) 

Likes: Rainbows, Painting 

Dislikes: Black N' White Thought 

Father P. Journee

Father P. Journee 


Talkin' Jesus (2021) 

Peter Thy Godfather (2023) 

Likes: Everybody 

Dislikes: Nobody 

Hodge Cut Out_edited.png


Albums: 23rd Xmas (2023) 

Likes: God, Cigars, Yanks 

Dislikes: Psychick Youth 

J.R. Mason

J.R. Mason 


Babylon's Final Hours (2022) 

The Naples Society of the Temple of Psychick Youth (2023) 

Likes: Nobody 

Dislikes: Everybody 

Jonas Cutout_edited_edited_edited_edited

Jonas Kyle 


Jonas Kyle Meets The Perfect Trip (2023) 

Likes: Books, Fine Whiskey, Smog 

Dislikes: California 

Mike 55 cutout2_edited_edited_edited.png

Mike 55 


Ball of Energy (2021) 

Likes: Superman, Vodka, Cycling 

Dislikes: Religion 

Mutt Tour

Mutt Tour 


Cell Life (2018) 

Hit! (2020) 

Sleep Cycle (2023) 

Likes: Occultism, Biology,  Natural Disasters 

Dislikes: Socializing 

OTB cutout_edited_edited_edited_edited_e

Ode to Bonnie 


Ode to Bonnie (2021) 

8slush (2023) 

Likes: Toking, Hoarding, Boning 

Dislikes: High School 

The Perfect Trip

The Perfect Trip 


The Perfect Trip (2020) 

I Can Touch the Revolution From My Home (2021) 

Covers the Greats (2022) 

Likes: Genesis, Psychedelics,  Mathematics 

Dislikes: Insecurity 

Sounds Across the World

Sounds Across the World 


Sounds Across the World (2021) 

Likes: N/A 

Dislikes: N/A 

Venus and the Flytrap 


Venus and the Flytrap (2022) 

The Ace of Chase (2023) 

Likes: Boy Toys, Kats, Drama 

Dislikes: The Other Woman 

The Woodland Singapore Orchestra

The Woodland  Singapore  Orchestra 


The Woodland Singapore Orchestra (2021) 

Likes: Meditation, Nature 

Dislikes: Internet 

You and the 7.5 Evils of the World

You and the 7.5 Evils of the World 


You and the 7.5 Evils of the World (2021) 

Likes: Telling It Like It Is 

Dislikes: History 

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