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Without sound 

Love without sound 


Beyond the outside was 1 left to right 

Within ourselves the suns or the night 

Just bound by blue ethereality 

Drifting onto my dream free 

Dream free 

Dream free 


My mind explored her labyrinth thighs 

Her sun drenched body lay hypnotized 

Perfumed electric garden roused female 

But now the laughter turns pale 


Dreams gone just melting fever in my soul 

Within my head the bell seems to toll 

Fast breathing wreathing heaving hippies down 

Now making love without sound 



Without sound 

Love without sound 


It never had been made like that before 

Our maiden knighthood longing bright for more 

Her leg stood firm the dead wind sighed come on 

Mistral away now she's gone 

(Written by White Noise)

Colors shining 

Violently in the sky 

Above the sorcerer's key 


She twiddles into 

Her fingers and 


The moon slowly dips 

Below the horizon 

And as the sun rises 

She squints her eyes 


And the new day arrives 

For her to despise 

She closes the blinds 

And takes a sip of her wine 


It's the season of libra 

And life seems perfectly balanced 

So perfectly balanced 

Nothing ever happens 


Children conceived tonight 

Out with the fire of Mary's fright 

Now she longs for those 

Summery nights 


Approaching the autumn of her eyes 

She will never know spring 

Until the next cycle 


She starts 

Starts it all a new 


Didn't leave the light on 


Didn't want you to come home 

This time 


But I heard you standing 

On the porch 

I paint my door with 

Copper and blood 


The only thing that I know 

Is ever enough for you 

To leave me be 

Leave me be 


While I slept 

You were tapping on my windowsill 

And the sounds like hymns 

All around 

My ears 


Can you sneak your way into 

The cracking glass work too? 

And can you hear my heart pounding 

In my chest? 

Do you? 


Feel my body tremble 

When you touch me 

As you slip 

Into the blankets of my bed 


Your tar seeps into my floorboards 


My neighbors call me a sick whore 

Never seen such eyes before 

Do you see what I see 

Or something much more? 

Much more




While I slept 

You were tapping on my windowsill 

And the sounds like hymns 

All around 

My ears 


Can you sneak your way into 

The cracking glass work too? 

And can you hear my heart pounding 

In my chest? 

Do you? 

Ooo your word 

Drifts through my heart 

Imprint on my brain 


We all held hands 

Like paper dolls 

Diving in a grave 


Ghost waltz through 


We leave prints 

In the air 


Shaving you 

Into yourself 

Stoned behind 

Blank stares 


Ghost can't keep 

Holding your head 


Holding her 

Inside his cage 

Does it know he's free? 


All the dust 

Out of his eyes 

Then he'll choose to see 


His clever sigh 

Washed inside her 

Her teary eternal eyes 


Cobwebs spun 

Throughout her ears 

In the corners of her mouth 


Dreamt inside her silent shout 

My heart beating inside of 

Plastic bags 

Tightly held in your hand 


Too tired to care 

I sit and stare 

As you marry 


Who you were drips through 

My hoax 

We held hands like paper dolls 

Ghost entangled in your hair 

Truth be told 

When I was young 

My father taught me 

Of war 


Long before school had 

Taught me a stolen grad 

Of Normandy in the 

Early August of '45 


Then it was 2005 

The fear of sea was still alive 

And I was terrified of the bombing coming here 

My father told me I have nothing to fear 


There will never be an invasion 

Of the United States Nation 

There will never be a war 

On the United States soil 


Except the Civil War 

Pearl Harbor 





The statement then reminded me 

Of the haunted memories 

Of the unsinkable Titanic 

Rotting there at the bottom 

Of the Atlantic 


There's been a war 

On the United States soil for years 


They're fighting in the streets 

It sounds a lot like war to me 

The older I get 


The more it feels like we won't get old 

Like so many others who won't get old 


Then it was 2005 

The fear of sea was still alive 

And I was the same age as her sister 

When she died 

When we started 

We were beautiful 


Innocent animals 

Learning their role 


Living the way our earth 


The cycle of life 


Universal and simple 


Each giving and taking 

What is needed 

We have ourselves 

But each other too 

And we found that 


1 is weaker than 2 



No different from our 

Daily pray 

Cause they took some of us still 

Every day 


This would have been 

The history of the human 

If the stars weren't immortal 


If the Gods never fell 

Before they rain it down on our 

Innocent hives and 

And give us a craving to 

Expand our lives 


The star shattered bodies 

Slipping into our lungs 

Seeping into our brains and 

Flowing through our veins 


We've never seen the world like this 

Suddenly asking questions like what's this? 


And how? 


And jealousy was born 

Curiosity and dissatisfaction to 

The chicken or the egg 

Man or woman 

You or me 

Will see 


And when we didn't know 

Rage and distrust was born 

And suddenly 

1 became stronger than 2 


Though just tiny God shards 

The human was smaller 

At first they tore us to shreds 

Though incredibly strong we are 


As the weakest died 

The symbiosis went too far 

Too far 


The perfect host for this 

Cosmic ghost that 

Made us strive for 



And it stayed with us through 

Our children 

When they then gave it to 

Their children 

Ooo, it did 


And the sickest part of all 

Is we didn't even know we'd 

Agree to this 

Parasitic relationship 

With the blood 

Of some ancient nova 

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