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First you take some paper and a pen 

Draw a symbol of your choosing 

Then you take a lighter and a candle 

Any color of your choosing 

Then take the next step 

By living the life of your choosing 


Then you draw some blood 

On any part of your choosing 

Ejaculate on the page 

Holding on to any thought of your choosing 

Mix it in with spit, head hair 

Pubic hair from your choosing 


Focus on what you want 

Not what you need, or have, or had 

No longer human, just energy condensed by 

Directed intent 


This must all be done 

On the 23rd hour, of the 23rd day of the month 

23 months in a row 

Then the magic takes effect 

Supposedly that's what they say 


This was told to me by a very late saint of the game 

That this would all take place 


That it would change the day to day 

The very mundane 

The boringness of life would slip away 


Inter spontaneous hallucinogenic orgasm 

Built super computer inside a giant sun 

Heading to earth at 160,000 miles per hour 

Mommy I don't wanna 


Give it to me 






I've had you 


No I can't 

I cannot 


You're all distorted 

The invention is out of control 


No means no 


Hey I just tell it like I see it 

This is a beautiful beautiful instrument 


Inventor get back to the... 

The noise everyday 

I don't know I've got to recover from a nervous breakdown 


No not again 

I'm Mr. Play and I've got a secret 



So uh tell me again about those unreal experiences 

It's like it sneaks up on me 

Crazy hallucination attack 

Everything gets so weird 


Mmm, I see 

Well let's try a different hypnosis this time 

Whoa what's that? 

This is a shamanist drone 

It will help you to find your inner child 

And bring you back to some lost memories 

Oh no it's coming back again 

I can feel it 

Don't be afraid 

You have nothing to fear 

This is your last chance 

After this there is no turning back


You take the blue pill 

The story ends 

You wake up in your bed and believe

Whatever you want to believe 

You take the red pill 

You stay in wonderland 

I'll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes 


All I'm offering is the truth 

Nothing but... 

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