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Ladies and gentlemen 


Can you dream to this? 

Can you 


My reflection? 


If you stand next to me 

You'll see 

My complexion 


Take a trip with me 

Through this forest land 

You'll find 

The daisies 


We can stay at home 

I'm feeling 

Kinda lazy 


The world is spinning 

Over your sugary glaze 

While the butterflies and ladybugs 

Flutter on the stage 


When the clouds and the pinwheels 

And men on fire 

Can you dream to this? 


Well I don't think you should talk about that 

The magic eye is a looking for that 

So close your lids and count to 10 

While the world keeps spinning 

All over again 


Can you flip to this? 

Can you 


Me a smile? 


I can see your lips 

They go 

For miles 


The world is just shattered 

Because its touched your skin 

You've left the people wondering 

Where you've been 


You've come from space 

Wearing human skin 

They all thought you were gone 

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